University of Khartoum Khartoum in Their Eyes; A Participatory, youth-driven Vision for The Development of Greater Khartoum. Youth Participation, Green city, environmental issue, participatory visioning, master plan

Dr. Ibrahim Zakaria BAHRELDIN was educated at the University of Khartoum (B.Sc. Hon. in Architecture), KU Leuven University (M.A in Human Settlements in 2003) and Waseda University-Tokyo Japan (Ph.D. Urban and Environmental Design in 2012). Besides his formal education, Dr. Bahreldin attended several international and regional training programs in urban planning, participatory planning and human settlements.

Dr. Bahreldin is an educator and an urban planning professional with more than twelve years of teaching, research and practical experience in the field of urban planning and human settlements.

He assumed the Head of the Department of Planning and Urban Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Khartoum in March 2015. Dr. Bahreldin is also a member of Khartoum State Planning Commission since 2013. Above that, he is an urban planning consultant to several private and public institutions in Sudan.

Beyond his research success, which includes more than 13 scientific papers and many book chapters to date, Dr. Bahreldin’s professional experience and education have provided him with a range of skills and knowledge in the field of urban planning, research and development. He had obtained many local academic and professional awards as well as several international scholarships and grants.