Fongoh ERIC

International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development Role of Civil Society Organisations in Prison

Fongoh Eric is the co founder and coordinator of the International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) with  more than 12 years in International Development.  I m passionate and skilful in Capacity Building, Resource Mobilisation and Networking.

I have been able to achieve collaboration and  accreditation  to United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP),United Nations Department of Public Information(UNDPI),World Intellectual Property Organisation(WIPO),United Nations Global Compact, United Nations, Conference to Combat Desertificaiton(UNCCD) with ICENECDEV

 Also experienced in the application of modern leadership methods (through staff motivation and involvement in both decision-making and target-setting, clarity in communication, and easy personal interrelations). My own cosmopolitan background and analytical interests in other cultures, have also left me confident in handling negotiations that require the reconciliation of different national  and international approaches to otherwise common problems. 

As a  development practioner,  I have  Mobilised resources collectively, to strenghthen the capacity and support more than 5,000 prisoners,500 civil society organisations,100 women and indegenous groups, 100 small and medium enterprise  and companies in Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).