HDCAFRICA Humanitarian Development Consortium Revisiting Definitions: Disadvantaged people and NGOs
Güney Sudan

Ryan O’Grady is the Director, Organizational Development for the Humanitarian and Development Consortium (HDC Africa), based in South Sudan.  Ryan is focused on leading the continued capacity building and sustainability of one of South Sudan’s leading national NGO’s in this position.

A Canadian by birth, Ryan has worked at the Parliament of Canada in service to various Minister’s and Members of Parliament, and subsequently in the political element of various departments, including Justice Canada, Environment Canada, and Department of Foreign Affairs. 

Prior to joining HDC Africa, Ryan was a senior executive at a leading multinational advisory services firm, rising to Managing Director, and overseeing the expansion of the firm throughout the Africa region. In addition, Ryan has served in various leadership capacities at a variety of university and colleges in Canada, with a focus on international relations.